All Types of Hair, One Brush

The Groove® All-in-One Hairbrushes are just that, all-in-one. You can style, shape and add volume quickly and easily, without ever picking up another tool. These hairbrushes were created for all hair types, from normal to thick. Brushing your hair with The Groove® All-in-One Hairbrush twice a day promotes hair health, growth and shine.

1 tip of cushion

Firm boar bristles are perfect for styling bangs, temple areas, nape of neck, or teasing the crown to create extra volume.

2 healthy massage

Combination boar—with longer, stronger, slightly rounded, ionic synthetic bristles—part even the thickest hair, penetrating to the scalp for an invigorating massage.

3 detangle

Combination bristles make detangling wet or dry hair easy. Remember to start at the ends and work your way up.

4 shiny & frizz-free

Our frizz-fighting proprietary blend of ionic synthetic bristles polishes the cuticle layer while blow drying. Boar bristles distribute oils evenly through hair, and both types of bristles promote silkiness and shine for all hair types.

5 styling

Our unique brush design allows you to wrap thick sections of hair around the brush head, reducing styling time. Try Kellie's proven styling methods: Grip the back of the brush head and blow dry from side-to-side for maximum volume and lift. For a smooth look, move the brush in a downward motion. To create volume at the crown, use the bristles at the tip.

6 anti-bacterial

Our proprietary blend of synthetic bristles contain antibacterial properties that prevent debris from collecting on the bristles.

7 ergonomic

Patented, ergonomic shape lends comfort and won't fatigue your hand like round or paddle brushes. It's easy to control while styling wet or dry hair. Seamless one-piece construction is designed not to tug on strands and is easy to clean.