With a little TLC, your brush could last you a lifetime!

These hairbrushes are so easy to maintain and even perform better after a good cleaning!

The Groove Hairbrushes are specially crafted with each synthetic bristle having its own distinct ionic properties incorporated into it. It isn't sprayed on, it's actually part of the bristle itself. The slightly-rounded ends of the bristles you see are also part of the bristle itself and not some annoying added-on ball that you should be concerned about falling off. When the bristles are debris-free they function even better - polishing the hair, separating fine to thick sections of hair all while massaging the scalp.

Here's how to clean your Groove Hairbrush:

  • With your fingers or a comb, gently loosen and remove hair between each bristle
  • Run water over the bristles and massage both the cushion and bristles with a mild soap/shampoo using a cloth or toothbrush – never use any harsh chemicals
  • Wipe off handle, pat cushion and bristles with a towel to remove excess water, then use your hairdryer to remove all remaining moisture
  • Place your hairdryer on medium heat, keep it a few inches away from brush, and begin to shake the brush while simultaneously blow drying to fully dry brush


We suggest using a professional hairdryer not only to protect your hair but to protect your brush as well! A few of our favorite brands include: Chi Lite, Parlux and Elchim. Some (non-professional) hairdryers can overheat which is why we recommend keeping your dryer a few inches away from your hair and the brush to avoid damage to either!